User Guide

PetsRebate Tiers

We define your Tier as New Member(VIP1), Starter(VIP2), Enhanced Member(VIP3), Advanced Member(VIP4) and Ultimate Member(VIP5)

If you haven't submitted 1 review on Petsrebate, you are our New Member(VIP1). 

As a new member on Petsrebate , you can request for 6 product. After you complete one order with rebate model (one of your orders is marked as completed), the left 12 requests will be released.

PetsRebate Limits

After registration, 18 requests will be added automatically. 

As new member you have an upper limit to accept 6 requests approved by seller in total. After you submit one REVIEW on our website, the limit will be released. 

For VIP1 and VIP2, you will not get monthly free requests; 

For Enhanced Member(VIP3), Advanced Member(VIP4) and Ultimate Member(VIP5), we will send you monthly free requests randomly from 2-5;