User Guide

How to get more requests?

There are 2 ways you can get more requestes

1, Reffering Friends

You can get $6 and 5 requests if the friend you invited completed one order with rebate model (marked as completed).


2, Leave a high quality review


We will grade your every review(from 0-10 score). You will get a specified request(s) based on the score we grade for your review.

  • 0-5 score, you will get 0 request

  • 6-7 score, you will get 1 requests

  • 8-9 score, you will get 2 requests

  • 10 score, you will get 3 requests

How to write a high quality product review?

  • Please leave your review after receiving the ordered product. Try to spend more time to use the product and know about its features.

  • The title of your review should be a complete summarization.

  • The content of your review should cover detailed description of product experience, rather than a simple sentence.

  • Uploading real pictures or videos of the product. It is preferred that the product pictures show real scenarios for using the product. At least 3 pictures should be uploaded.(recommended)

  • Providing suggestions regarding the product to sellers.