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Catnip Toy Set - 4 Pack Funny Food Shape Soft Plush Toys with Filled Natural Catnip

Catnip Toy Set - 4 Pack Funny Food Shape Soft Plush Toys with Filled Natural Catnip

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【Food Shape Catnip Toys】4 pack catnip cat toys have unique food shape design, such as pizza, donut, cake and hot dog. It's a great gift for your furry baby to provide great fun time. 【Natural Safe Material】All the plush toys are made of high grade short plush surface and filled with natural cotton and natural organic catnip, that are quite safe for hunting and playing. 【Relieve Anxiety & Boredom】When your kitten is alone, you can choose our catnip toys with catnip fragrance that will stimulate your cat to play and reduce his/her boredom and anxiety. 【Grow Up Healthily】Playing With these catnip toys can make your cat more active, which will not only exercise his/her body but also enrich his/her quality of life to maintain mental health. 【Hidden Magic Tape】We specially add hidden magic tapes to these toys so that you can add catnip by yourself without taking apart when catnip becomes invalid after long time using.

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