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Dog Chewing Toy - Black Thread Ring Tough Rubber Pet Toy for Aggressive Chewers

Dog Chewing Toy - Black Thread Ring Tough Rubber Pet Toy for Aggressive Chewers

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【Safe & Non-toxic】Our chew toy is made of high quality rubber material, which has no risk, quite safe and non-toxic, so do not worry about it will be swallowed by your pet. 【Durable & Bite-resistant】 This toy is especially designed to satisfy the natural instinct of dog long-time chewing, and your pet can play with it for hours when you want to have a rest. 【Attractive Ring Shape】 This ring toy in unique shape is quite attractive and easy to grab, and it can increase IQ and EQ of your furry baby when he or she is playing with this toy. 【No Cavity Design】The toy is designed as solid and elastic, therefore, it can help your pets clean their teeth as well as improve the hardness of their gum during chewing activity. 【Control Pet Emotion】 When your pets are alone at home, they can chew and bite this toy to avoid angry and depressed, which can help them control their own emotions as well.

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