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Dog Bandana Set - 5 Packs Dog Scarfs Fruits Pattern Dog Triangular Scarf Cooling Dog Collar for Dog and Cat Wearing

Dog Bandana Set - 5 Packs Dog Scarfs Fruits Pattern Dog Triangular Scarf Cooling Dog Collar for Dog and Cat Wearing

Dog Harness/Leash/Collar
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SIZE & PACKAGE: The dog ice cooling bandana measures 39" x 2", suitable for small to large dogs. One package includes 5 pack bandanas, which have different colors and designed with five fruits patterns. PREMIUM FABRIC: These bandanas are made of premium cooling touch polyester material, which is non-toxic, soft, breathable and cooling for pets. FRUIT PATTERN: Designed with five various colors and fruit patterns, looks fashionable and adorable, particularly suitable for summer wear. A blue wave point bandana filled with pineapple patterns, a light pink bandana with strawberry patterns, an orange wave point bandana with lemon patterns, a green bandana filled with avocado patterns, and a dark pink bandana designed with watermelon patterns. COOLING BANDANA: Adopted with high quality crystalline polymer materials, and polymer materials ,which can absorb a large numbers of moisture and form a certain intensity gel in a short time,through the principle of evaporation and heat absorption, let the bandana cool down quickly. EASY TO USE: Soak the bandana in water and rub it gently, wait about 7-10 minutes, then use towel to dry the bandana surface, just put it into the refrigerator and wait for some minutes , finally put the cooling bandana around the dog’s head or neck.

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