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Dog Slow Feeding Toy Flower Pattern Pet Interactively Toy Improve Your pet IQ Dog Treat Toy for Dog Training and Playing

Dog Slow Feeding Toy Flower Pattern Pet Interactively Toy Improve Your pet IQ Dog Treat Toy for Dog Training and Playing

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[Dog Slow Feeding Toy] - This dog puzzle feeder toy has 16 hide holes. You can put the treats and snacks in the bowl,and let you dog find the foods by opening the lid of the hide holes. It is a great training toy for your dog using. [High Quality Material] - This interactive educational feeder is made of high quality pp material,which is lightweight, durable and thick.The lid of the feeder is easy to remove and the surface is smooth, you don’t need to worry it will do harm to your pet. And the bottom of the feeder is anti-slip,you don’t have to worry the feeder will move randomly. [Slow Feeder Bowl] - This dog puzzle feeder toy is a great tool to cultivate slow feeding habits, keep your dog from dyspepsia, suffocation, and other digestive problems. Besides, the hide hole dog feeder can improve the IQ of your dog, consume your dog's excess energy. [Easy to use] - The dog slow feeder bowl is easy to use. First Put the bowl on the ground, select several food hiding holes to pour in snacks, and then cover the lid to guide your dog to look for snacks. Then increase the difficulty, hide the snacks in the middle of the circular food hiding bowl, and let the dog look for snacks . [Wonderful Customer Service] - We wanna provide wonderful customer service for our valued customer, if you have any question about this slow feeder toy, please feel free to ask us, we will contract with you asap, and help your solve the problem perfectly.

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